Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Excellent Picnik Alternative!

I've been looking for something to replace the world's best photo editing tool! Picnik closes April 19th and I have GOT to find something NOW. Here it is! FABULOUS!!!!!!!!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Fave Fabrics Color Studio-Poetica

Hooray! I found fat quarters for $2 each HERE! This fabric dances in my mind...I have so many ideas for this! LOVE the aqua and plum! Thank you Pat Bravo for POETICA!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Black Kitty With EYEBROWS!

Sarah took some scraps of chenille and made old man eyebrows for Black Kitty!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Terrain Layer Cake Disappearing Nine Patch Quilt Top

I'm working on my piecing know, sewing a straight line over and over!  It is mind boggling that I can stitch 9 pre-cut squares, all the exact same size and get wonky seams! I did a little (more) research on this and I'm going to start doing something different...stitching in opposite directions for each row. I did that last night on another project and I see it DOES make a difference! I'm also being double sure that the top edges are flush (not just the bottom edge and side edge) when I start stitching.

-stitch nine patches together to make a "nine patch"
-slice the nine patch in half vertically and horizontally
-now you have 4 blocks which you can arrange anyway you want

I arranged the blocks in a large square and attached white sashing and border. I'm SO glad for the Moda Bella Solids white Jelly Roll so I don't have to cut strips. I can't decide if I'm just going to sell the unfinished quilt top or finish it myself.

Finishing options:
-I have a yard of Terrain Dahlia Mist FLANNEL to use for backing
-quilting with batting?
-just finish with flannel or minky or chenille for a blanket instead of quilt

Hmmmmm. I sold my wonky patchwork unfinished quilt top on Etsy (photo is here: ) which is encouraging...I like the piecing but don't really care so much for the construction...then again I did put my darning foot on and I LIKE free motion quilting-A LOT. More on that later.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Terrain Layer Cake by Kate Spain for Moda-4 Baby Quilts or Blankets

I've been doing a lot of planning with my sharp pencil and quilting notebook, so not much has made it onto the blog. But tonight, instead of just virtual design, I got out a layer cake and started moving around the squares on the table...THEN I came back to the computer for quick mockups. This would be darling using a charm pack, including all the charms, but this one is from a layer cake.

The pink one will use the four blocks to make one baby quilt with jelly roll sashing and flannel strips of Dahlia around the edge. I might include batting or just finish the back with flannel, we'll see.

I'll print this and take it to the sewing machine, since I butchered a charm pack of Ten Little Things by Jenn Ski by connecting the wrong squares! I should post that photo because I cut up a chenille-like blanket from IKEA (only $10!!!! and I have lots left over!) to use for backing, just to see if it would work! It's awesome, thick, and makes an awesome little play mat!

The plan is to make four baby blankets or quilts with the Disappearing Nine Patch and white sashing...two of my favorite quilt features! Stay tuned for more photos!

Friday, February 17, 2012

More Sewing, Quilting and Crochet

I've decided to consolidate some of my blogs. I have a crochet blog and quilting blog that I'm going to move over here to so I can keep them all in one spot! That is going to take a bit of time!

I might leave the crochet blog but just put any future crochet posts here...that's a good idea. I might move the quilting posts over because that was started recently. Can't decide...

This fabric is Hello Luscious by Basic Grey for Moda...a really sad attempt at patchwork!
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